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Posted by D Gray at 16:17 on 2012 Feb 22

Hi Astrid,For all we know stars like Bellatrix could have a huge retinue of planets. But I believe current thinking is that such hot stars are liable to blow the dust and gas away before they get the chance to form?? As it has a mass up to nine times solar it is destined to become a red giant and then white dwarf (just escaping going supernova) in a time-span that may not give life much opportunity to develop/evolve.Check this link out: Given that it has some six times the suns diameter any transiting planet would need to be huge to cause a measurable dip in its light. Also a life-bearing body would have to be pretty far out, thus having a very long orbital period giving quite infrequent transits.Fascinated to know why you singled out this particular star a favourite perhaps? Rigel is one of mine but the prospects for planets and life there look very dire indeed but nature just keeps on surprising us!Regards David.