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Posted by Gary Poyner at 09:03 on 2013 Sep 09

Hi Paul,The brightness changes in PR Per are not large (7.7-8.2), and at the moment it’s about 8th magnitude, so the chances are it wouldn’t have jumped out at you as unusually bright. There are also two Mira stars quite close – S Per and T Per. However S Per is currently around mag 10.5 and T Per is at 9th magnitude. I wouldn’t have thought that either of these two would have been conspicuous in your bins at the moment. If it has caught your attention, it needs to be a star with a decent amplitude – one that passes beyond your mag. limit of your bins – if you haven’t noticed it before. Roughly how bright was this star?Might you also give us a basic coordinate so that we can determine a likely candidate please? That whole area is packed with small amplitude variables, NSV objects and of course orange/red stars.Gary