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Posted by R A Marriott at 03:37 on 2014 Jan 26

I&I News, New Series No. 11 (9 May 2013) is a 33-page issue dedicated to Horace Dall. It includes Jim Hysoms obituary of Horace; Over unknown Iceland on a Raleigh roadster by Ben Searle, with a selection of Horaces photographs; Horaces papers on The camera obscura, A null test for paraboloids, FP3 Series II film, Atmospheric dispersion, Maksutov telescopes, Visual astronomy in the ultraviolet, Telescope eyepieces, Finding and guiding on dark skies, Photoelectric methods in amateur astronomy, Filter-type solar prominence telescope for amateurs, and A DollondWollaston telescope; Comments on the null test by F. J. Hargreaves; Memories of Horace Dall by Robin Scagell; The genius of Horace Dall by Martin Mobberley; Horace Dalls observatory by Mark Stuckey; and two short pieces by myself, on the protoype Dall-Kirkham and the Horace Dall Medal and Gift. It also includes links to Robin Scagells 52-minute video of Horace, filmed in 1982, and Gee Hurkmans 6-minute video of his cycle journey across Iceland in 2010. Like all issues of I&I News, this issue was sent to all Members with e-mail, and is available for download (when logged in) from the Members Only area of this website: Menus – Members/Downloads/Sections/Instruments and Imaging Section/navigation link 2. It is also available for download from the Instruments and Imaging Section website at Marriott: Director, Instruments and Imaging Section