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Posted by Steve Holmes2 at 00:06 on 2012 Aug 22

I had hoped that once people had more time to tap their keyboards rather than stare at their TV screens in this post-Olympic epoch there might be some more posts on this thread – but no (good number of "views" though – shows the rank-and-file are at least interested in this topic even if they don’t comment!). I shall add a further contribution though, to keep things ticking over while Council cogitate.Nothing extra about the issues at point (you’ll probably be glad to hear!) but instead an opportunity for Members to see what they’ve been denied due to my paper not being accepted for JBAA publication. I originally constructed it in web-page form so all I need to do is give a link, and everyone will be able to browse the paper in its full glory. So – here’s the link:-Perturbations to the orbit of CeresComments are most definitely invited (your chance to be a JBAA Papers Referee!).Steve Holmes