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Posted by Richard Miles at 19:40 on 2012 Sep 09

I would like to inform members that the subject of ‘JBAA Papers’ was raised at the Council Meeting held on the afternoon of Wednesday 5th September at Burlington House. In due course, a working group will be set up to look at various aspects of the Journal and other publications. Clearly, the matters raised by Steve Holmes and discussed by six other BAA members on this forum will be valuable input to such a working group. In the meantime, I shall prepare a short document to capture the various points raised in the course of the recent online discussions for due consideration by the working group.I must point out that activities of any working group set up by Council are of a confidential nature such that details can only be shared with members of Council and other trustees of the Association. If any members would like to become actively involved in the running of the Association then all they need to do is to find two other members who are prepared to nominate them for election to the Council (an annual event, the result of which is announced at the AGM in late October). The annual deadline for nominations is noon on the first Friday in May. For more information see:/images_old/stories/misc/pdf/BAA_memorandum_articles_bylaws.pdfand especially Pages 6-7 (Clauses 23-31) and Pages 9-11 (Clauses 8-16).Sorry if this all sounds a bit formal, it’s not meant to be.Richard Miles