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Posted by Gary Poyner at 08:47 on 2012 Jul 27

One of my two papers ‘in waiting’ is a VSS section report concerning the Polar Programme I co-ordinate. The paper was refereed by one professional and one amateur astronomer. I would like to think that it is a ‘scientific’ paper as such, as it reports on BAAVSS data on objects which are of interest to the professional community. It also presents data in the form of light curves which is probably not available anywhere else. I think to say that a section report can’t be scientific (depending on it’s original purpose and how it’s presented of course) is a bit unfair on both the Director of the section concerned and the observers who have contributed.Just a final thought from me on this. I wonder if this is the correct place to voice your thoughts on the paper secretary and journal editor, who both do an extremely difficult job exceedingly well. It’s unlikely they will repsond on this forum, so it’s a bit of a one sided debate. Surely a letter to Council would be more appropriate.Just my view!Gary