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Posted by Andrea Tasselli at 09:39 on 2010 Oct 31

Hard to say. Usually the best advice is to try before you buy as something that work fine for one individual might not going to work that well for some else. You also need to account for astigmatism if you have any. As a rough guide I would say that Vixen’s ortho are quite OK but Zeiss own old ortho (.925" barrel) are very very good. Also very good are Pentax’s SMC ortho line (again .925" barrel) and Takahashi LE series. Of newer design I’d reckon that TV Radian series is quite good as well the TMB SuperMonos. One key thing to look for is for good AR coatings in an EP, probably more than the specific of the design itself. Besides that simpler designs with narrow AFOV are probably better suited than very complex wide-field designs which usually compromise on on-axis correction to achieve better field correction.Andrea T.