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Posted by R J Andersson at 17:21 on 2014 Mar 02

Hi folks,Reprocessed: here’s M31 without additional Ha:

and with some Ha (Hydrogen alpha emission) blended in:

For your additional viewing pleasure I’ve made the 4096×4096 pixel versions available here and here respectively. All four images are copyrighted so please do not edit and/or repost without permission.This is old data from 2012 but it’s taken me until now to successfully apply my natural colour workflow (description). The relative RGB values at each pixel have been preserved during stretching with the white balance for the entire image determined by M110. Whether that was a valid white balance choice is for wiser heads than mine. How much prominence to give the Ha data was a matter of personal preference: in the end I chose what I hope is a subtle blend which doesn’t overpower the rest of the galaxy and limited the Ha to the spiral structure.I provided links to the full-sized versions not because they are pixel perfect but because they do offer an ability to see some of the hot blue stars associated with the structure of M31. I hope you enjoy the flight. 8)Bob.5 x 1000 seconds in each of R, G and B plus 10 x 1500 seconds Ha. TEC 140 plus ML16803.