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Posted by Nick Atkinson at 16:34 on 2012 Dec 08

Hi Paul,Great image and reason to spur me on. I have been having a go at M42 with the following equipment.F9 6" triplet.Astro-Physics 900 GOTOSarlightXpress H9 with their filter wheel and loadstar off axis guiderMaxim DL for image capturePHD guidingHave not got the hang of star alignment with Maxim Dl that I have only just bought so use AIP4WIN v2.Like you quite new to colour imaging and I have not got used to tri-colour processing. Looks a lot easier using a DSLR. But I do not have one of these.Looks like a clear night so will have a go with M1.You ought to have a go with M42 Best of luckNick