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Posted by Denis Buczynski at 15:06 on 2013 Jan 01

My observing statistics here at Tarbatness in Highland Scotland for the year 2012 are of the following order: Observations were possible on 91 nights when ccd images were taken. The months of May, June, July are unusable due to the presence of almost permanent daylight conditions (around 90 nights), so of the rest (275 nights) I was able to observe on 33% of nights (around 1 in 3).This does not count nights when I was away from home during the winter, spring and autumn months. So the clear night count is probably on the low side. Jan 11,Feb,11,Mar7,Apr7,Aug9,Sept8,Oct9,Nov16,Dec13During those clear nights I imaged a total of 606 objects, mainly comets, but some Supernovae, Novae, Variable stars and asteroids. These observing statistics are only related to my main imaging telescope and I have not counted the number of nights I used my secondary telescope. Nor have I counted in the number of images taken of the Aurora. So about the same number of nights usable in Highland Scotland in 2012 as in Cheshire where Jeremy lives, who would have thought it!Denis Buczynski