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Posted by Robin Vann at 02:23 on 2011 Jan 23

I too saw the Io shadow transit, observing at 18:00 on 19th. January. Observation details follow. Note that I could not discern a seperate north and south element to the SEB, presumably due to inadequate seeing.Jupiter: 19th. January, 2011Magnitude: -2.2Diameter: Equatorial: 36"; Polar: 34"Altitude: 32°; ?: 5.3 AU; Tilt: +2°CM1: 163.6°; CM2: 302.8°; CM3: 181.3°18:00 GMT, nautical twilightLimiting magnitude: 3.0Transparency: very transparentSeeing: AIIIConditions: clear, coldOrion Optics SPX200 f/6Baader Hyperion 5mm (240x)North Equatorial Belt strongly orange.South Equatorial Belt fainter and thinner, showing revival.Polar regions similar to South Equatorial Belt but slightly browner.Shadow transit of Io (L2 ­? 325°) discernable in moments of best seeing: actual transit not discernable.