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Posted by Richard Miles at 19:50 on 2011 Jul 11

Thoroughly recommend Richard Baum’s book – Lee Macdonald reviewed the book in JBAA, Vol. 119, No. 2 (2008 April). It is a mine of information and a good read at the same time. Richard is one of our pre-eminent wordsmiths and this realy shows through in this particular book of his.Re. the comment about the BAA Sales List stocking individual members’ books – I don’t believe this has ever happened as it would not be right for the Association to favour one author’s work as opposed to another author’s. Also, there would be so many items and what would happen to copies which were not sold?Instead, we do have a link to on the BAA website (or we did last time I looked for it). Anyone navigating to Amazon from the BAA website ‘earns’ a small sum of money for the Association and this gradually mounts up.Richard