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Posted by D Gray at 10:08 on 2011 Jul 11

Dear Callum & All,I pretty much took the remark as tongue in cheek but thought it rather unfortunate in the fear that it might be taken by some that the book was a mere ghost tale. However please excuse my harshness.Richard Baum has told me personally that the work involved took a great toll, as we can gather from the last paragraph of the Preface page 12:-In conclusion the deepest debt of all is owed to my wife Audrey for her patience, tolerance, sacrifice, and unremitting assistance over the years I researched the book. Without her support it could not have been completed. Her death before it was finished robbed me too soon of a very special companion in whom I could confide all things. My remarks on the BAA site were more of an explanation of my infrequent visits than a complaint, as I suspected our line was the cause. Over the weekend I have been at the home of our eldest son Stuart and found that the site worked much quicker and smoother there than in my more rural location. His line we find is some three times faster than mine; but my skies are far better so I will have to await BT / The Government getting their hindquarters into gear! Regards,David.