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Posted by Callum Potter at 14:19 on 2012 Oct 09

Hello Astrid,I don’t think we have any sort of accurate information that could give us a ‘solar weather’ forecast which could predict what the Sun will do in the next 24 hours, let alone in the next few months.Where there has been an earth directed CME the satellites such as ACE will pick it up before it reaches the earth, but even then the effects are still difficult to predict with any accuracy.The NOAA Space Weather Centre is set up to monitor CME’s etc. and alert satellite operators if there is need to shutdown or change their attitude. On earth, i think its very difficult to predict what impact a major event like a Carrington event might have today – but I am sure ‘we’ are not as prepared as we might be. But then we are equally as un-prepared for an asteroid impact, which might be at same sort of probability.Callum