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Posted by Nick Atkinson at 18:51 on 2013 Jul 29

I use a V filter provided by Stargazer made by Norman Walker tel 01323833753 Email His filter screws into the back of my H9 camera. However as far as I know they will not fit into a filter wheel.1.25 filters such as those provided by Astrodon are another option and might be cheaper in the long term if you move on to I and R band. This is dependent on the size of your sensor; the larger chips now more widely available would require the larger filters anyway.I have a starlight Xpress 7 position filter wheel that I use for Red Green and Blue colour imaging. Later on should I move on to I band & R band variable star work I might consider buying from Astrodon. My colour filters are made by Baader. They might be another source to consider but I don’t know if they make any suitable for photometry