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Posted by Paul A Brierley at 19:28 on 2011 Jul 08

Hi Gary,Since writing back, I have identified the field in SMP 6 and saved it. I will of cause be cheating using GOTO, and I have charts. I have you’re chart and my Sky Map chart. I have also saved the chart with a eyepiece overlay, for my 24mm TV Panoptic and 10" RFT.I was able to find TYC 1643-1764, after first finding V Sge using WIKISKY.ORG. I then simply typed in TYC 1643-1764 into Skymap Pro6 which then, took me to the correct star field.I will endeavour to make an attempt to find, and try to observe this variable, but don’t hold you’re breath. I can see that I will have a long way to go, and a big learning curve, when it comes to making visual magnitude estimates.Thank you again for you’re help, and advice.