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Posted by Gary Poyner at 10:51 on 2011 Jul 16

GOOD books on general VS observing are rare, as they tend to be specialist topics such as CV’s or Pulsating stars. Probably one of the best general books written in recent times is Gerry A. Good’s ‘Observing Variable Stars’ in Patrick Moore’s practical astronomy series, published by Springer. It was written in 2003, but nothing has been published better in this general field since.The field of variable stars is very dynamic, so anything written in a book about a particular type of star in 2003 stands a chance of being out of date in some aspect in 2011, but Good’s book will give you the basics.The Webb Society Deep Sky Handbook Volume 8 written by John Isles is another book I would recommend. Most of it is out of date now, especially the finder charts and some aspects of the analysis section (written over 20 years ago now), but there is a mine of practical information written within the pages which will always be of value. I think you can still get this book from the Webb Society (or maybe the BAA?) and it should only cost a fiver or so (I think).Gary