Revised proposal for an Exoplanet Section

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Roger Dymock

In view of the support received I have modified my proposal to request that the section be set up without any further polling of BAA members (see last paragraph of revised proposal below)

Is it time for a BAA Exoplanet Section ?


(Revised proposal)




This is a relatively new field in which the BAA ought to have a presence and forming an Exoplanet Section would achieve this. There are a number of opportunities for both practical amateur involvement and for armchair enthusiasts.  


Potential section objectives


Foster interests in all aspects of exoplanets by advising members of; latest developments, on-line courses, meetings, resources via a regular newsletter and the section’s website


Encourage and provide support for practical projects both amateur and pro-am and promote a greater understanding of exoplanet discoveries and properties. For example;



          Transit imaging

          On-line analysis of transit lightcurves to search for exoplanets

          Participation in pro-am projects (e.g. Project Twinkle)



          Keeping up to date on exoplanets in general

          Knowledge of ground and space-based observatories and technology

          Understanding astrobiology (by on-line courses for example)


Establishing links with related organisations

          UK Centre for Astrobiology

          UK Exoplanet Community

          Centre for Exoplanet Science

          SETI Institute

          Planetary Society

          British Interplanetary Society


Education and outreach

          Awareness of courses (mostly on-line)

          Schools projects relating to transit lightcurve interpretation


Request to Council


Having been in touch with a number of BAA members I find that there is considerable support for forming an Exoplanet section, in fact some members are already engaged in exoplanet observations. I therefore request that Council give serious consideration to forming such a section.


Roger Dymock