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Richard Miles

Denis – As I was mulling over the Web, I remembered that Hubble had discovered comets and that’s what led me to it. BUT, when I saw the name Donohoe, I have a recollection of you mentioning this fact many moons ago whilst propping up the bar at either a Winchester Weekend or similar get-together. Do you recall that? I wasn’t the only one present with you either!

As to the mounted 16″x20″ photograph, that would be a splendid prize for sure but I think a more deserving and younger recipient should win that item at some future date. In the meantime, a free beer would serve just fine – it may be a long wait yet before we rub shoulders whilst propped against some public bar or other and I can down that beer!

P.S. Yes – I like the webinar format – it works well and Nick had loads of interesting stuff to show and talk about. Well done. I have to confess it’s my first one as a spectator – mainly ‘cos I used my Windows 10 laptop to view it – my main PC has too ancient an OS for it to run Zoom.