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Keith Shank

Robin thanks for the information and especially the great news for the update of Demetra for the LISA!   I do not have this version, and am very happy to see it available!   I had watched the replay of the Shelyak session thanks for the link and it is seen that there are still some items to work through on the sw.   I will try out this new version and come back.

David gave me some great info on limiting the spectral lines used as a base to use for the LISA calibration on Demetra (previous version) and that worked very well getting me an RMS .173 which is quite acceptable.   I have tried this on several images with similar results but now, with the new version of Demetra I will see what happens.

Thanks will hope to test tonight, we have been getting summer monsoons here the last week, but it looks like that is over now and we can get back to our more normal dry  & hot….

Thanks for the help, much appreciated!