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As a business I provide hosting to UK customers with a Spanish partner (e-Eye). In support of this I have developed relationships with a number of Spanish companies in relation to observatories and equipment to support remote installations. To this end we offer everything up to custom design and installation for remote install as it seems most of our customers prefer us to get them up and running rather than DIY.

As far as ROR observatories go we deal with a Spanish company who have a couple of options. Within Spain, they can either deliver for a DIY install or build it for you subject to a quote. Standard size for the ROR is a footprint of 2.5m. This has a motorised roof but no controller. The roof does not require a support frame for when its open.

If the requirement is for something unique then we can also advise on a design that can be made in Spain. This is a spin off from our involvement with e-Eye where all of the observatories are bespoke.

For roof control we offer something called Talon (also Spanish). The unique feature of this is that it will park your mount and close the roof in response to an unsafe condition independently of other software.

Finally we are actually Lunatico’s main UK reseller and offer all of their observatory control and weather products.

All of these parts can be seen on our current website here

What is on the website is by no means everything offered that is related to observatory automation. We will tailor exact needs according to individual needs.

If I can be of any help, please feel free to contact me