Thanks for the message. Yes, it is interesting. I suspect you could conduct some transmission tests to numerically compare the light transmission of the three eyepieces. I guess I could do this with one of my CMOS cameras, but not sure how sensitive it would be to the differences between them and probably difficult to standardise the alignment etc between the light source, eyepiece and sensor. Maybe a project for a rainy month… But we are both very grateful for the Tolles.

As for the broken image, the image appears fine on my browser (Chrome) as the screen shot hopefully shows. The image of the results is hosted on my members page as when I tried to upload it to the forum the forum algorithms resized it to 640×480 and the text was not legible, so I cheated and linked to a higher resolution version allowed by the members pages. There may be a way to get higher resolution images in the forum, as I’ll ask the clever technical guys. If the image preview isn’t showing for you, it may be your browser; maybe try a different browser. Having said that, I’ve just looked on my iPhone and the images doesn’t display there.