Run the HOPS installer from the downloads folder

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William Bristow


Did you unzip the HOPS software before trying to open it…?

If you did unzip the download then using a regular web browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox etc) it should download the zipped HOPS installer to your user downloads folder on the C: drive, unzip the HOPS installer in that user downloads folder location, do not choose the root of a different drive as shown in your screen shot.

Try downloading the HOPS software again to your regular downloads folder, unzip the package in the downloads folder and run the windows_installer_cmd from that location.

Any different?

AFAIK there are no reported problems with the installer on Windows 10, I have installed HOPS on both real and virtual Windows 10 platforms without any issues.

If still unsuccessful contact me using the private message service off-forum and maybe we can set up a remote AnyDesk session.