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Dr Andrew Smith

Grant , 

I have no doubt it also has a percentage of observers who manage to “see” rather more than their instrument actually delivered and enjoy the immediacy of the applause available.”   a trait shared with Percival Lowell!

Also “clearly just plain biased in favour of stuff they had owned” a passion shared on SGL by a recent President of The BAA and Takahashi!

Of course it’s a forum that does not seek peer reviewed posts and us such needs care in deciding what to take as accurate. However, to condemn it as the worst without justification is committing the offence it is accused of.

There are many fine images posted there and discussions which myself, Robin Leadbeater and other BAA members have contributed to. It does not seek to replicate the BAA but engages a wide audience interested in astronomy. In my view it is better to participate and improve such a form than sit on the sidelines sniping.

Regards Andrew