Tony Rodda

Hi Grant, I posted my recent attempt in a separate thread a while back. A good quality 8×9 internal dimension tongue + groove to replace a Skyshed POD.  £460.  The pent roof is the standard shed covered with ‘non-breathable’ rubber roofing membrane – 1/20 the weight of felt and has withstood several storms, snow, ice, etc.  If it does deteriorate in some way I reckon it’ll take all of 15 minutes to renew but it hasn’t shown any such signs.  Completely waterproof..  The roll of membrane cost £18 for 45 metres from Eurocell – lots left!  I’d tried the plastic corrugated roofing (B&Q) in a fold out config in pre-POD days but had difficulty maintaining seals.

As the guys above say, because the roof is slightly raised (in my case B&Q angle iron runners and lots of simple castors) there’s great airflow compared to the POD.  Zero consensation and I’ve never used my dehumidifier.  The shed stands on tantalized bearers on a concrete slab – so good airflow underneath.  I lined the internal walls with “Jablite” foam, again from B&Q and covered with the membrane for a sealed finish.  The result is good airflow but well insulated.

I offset my pier (with CGEM and C925) and there’s still room for a CPC800 with wedge plus a partitioned corner for the PCs.  A bit of a squeeze but workable.

The only downside is a neighbours “security” light, that was masked by the POD is now (just) visible and needs a bit of board wedged on one end when it triggers.

The supports for the roof fold in-out to keep her-indoors happy.

Hope this helps.