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Mike Foylan

Thank you Roger for your reply and information regarding the HADS programme looks interesting indeed.

My main area of interest is minor planet astrometry and photometry (using either R or V Bessel filters) of which Cherryvalley Observatory submits results for publication to the Minor Planet Centre and the Minor Planet Bulletin.

The interesting thing about monitoring asteroids in this way is that on occasions a known variable star is within the field of view (sometimes for two or three hours) and that being the case there is four years of data on the observatory’s computer just waiting to be analysed for VS’s. I have to admit that I avoided such stars deliberately so as not to skew the photometry results of the asteroid under observation.
Now there is a realization of doing both VS’s and asteroid lightcurves, it’s an extra workload but could prove to be interesting. I look forward Roger to contacting you soon.

Best wishes and clear skies