Southerly CV stars

Dr Paul Leyland

Let me take a look at the ones I’ve observed from La Palma. Not sure whether by “southern hemisphere” you mean negative declination or so far south they can not readily be observed from the UK. Some equatorial stars are visible from both Chile and the UK.

…  Checking … OK:

Not observed any ER or UGSS very far south, sorry.

HL CMa is a UGZ/IW so might be ok but not ideal for you. Very nice bright guide star near by, as is a white dwarf worth observing. The declination is -17 degrees.

BW Scl — a UGZZ+GZ/GWLIB Declination is -39 degrees.

There are doubtless thousands if not hundreds more. The previous advice to consult VSX is strongly recommended.  Those two are just a couple I’ve observed.

How do you propose to observe them? Both Magellanic Clouds are full of variables of all kinds, so if you fancy more of a challenge …