Star on the slit

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Robin Leadbeater

Hi Tony,

With your setup of 235mm aperture and f6.3, the star image size FWHM with 3 arcsec seeing will be 26 um so slightly larger than the slit width so there will be a small amount of the star overlapping the slit and it will not completely disappear unless your seeing is very good. You should see a significant drop in brightness though as the star crosses the slit.  The trick is not to over expose the guide star image. Take a look at the short videos on this page of Christian Buil’s. It gives an idea of what you should see when correctly (fente3.wmv) and over exposed (fente4.wmv). (In French but Google translates well.)

 If you still do not see the star drop into the slit, your guide camera may not be precisely focused on the slit. This should be checked first before trying to focus the telescope.