Stats for North Brum!

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Gary Poyner
Hi Jeremy,
Here are my Birmingham stats.  Last years numbers in brackets!
Observable nights (not counting brief gaps) = 112 (93)
37 (59) clear and 75 (34) partially clear (50% cloud or more).  Of these 112 nights 53 had Moonlight interference.
Best month – Feb & July with 13 nights each (April with 12 nights)
Worst month – September with 6 nights (January with 3 nights)
Number of hours spent at eyepiece = 247.27 hours (191.18 hours)
The weather forecast (for Birmingham) for cloudy/clear nights was incorrect on 53 (60) occasions, so a slight improvement for the Met. office!
The sky conditions continue to deteriorate here in Birmingham, with increased light pollution and the clarity of the sky worsening year after year – for reasons which I can’t explain. The Milky Way was ‘glimpsed’ on just one occasion in 2014 – Aug 4th.
Look forward to seeing other members stats for 2014.
Happy New Year!