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stan armstrong

Thanks to Andy the name change went well and retested Fine..

Dominics Input is interesting ..  as for many months I have found his ‘Obs East’ Sky Outline tallies with my Zenith.. except i have Polaris in my view too.. Now I find another of his Coverages is always in my view too.  Mike’s Sunshield limitations suggestion starts to look plausible to me. No longer Alex’s ‘vermin’ BUT now the Lions and Tigers of the skies! Had to wait a longtime as Recorder/PC well-overloaded…[even says ‘No Resources’ at times ] hence Mike’s 0100 got a bit suspect..Eventually saw over half dozen at  size > than typical ISS Pass at that altitude.. Then the Antipenultimate Event of the String [Wanted to write that for 60years!] was/were Twins.. of a slightly lesser magnitude… Shown in the Shot Above.. Hope it help deliberations.. and can go back several months if it helps Dominic.