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Nick James

I’m sure Guy won’t mind me posting this here. This is from my archive as downloaded using a 1200 baud modem…

THE ASTRONOMER Electronic Circular No 137 1988 Mar 24 19.04UT.

Telecom Gold 72:MAG60138
Ed:Guy M Hurst, 16, Westminster Close, Kempshott Rise, Basingstoke,
Hants, RG22 4PP, England. Telephone:(0256)471074.Int:+44256471074
Telex:265871(MONREF G) Quote”72:MAG60138 ATT G.HURST”in FIRST line.
D.McAdam, Telford, reports his discovery of a variable object in
And. The stellar object, of mag approx 10.5pv is present on two
photos taken on 1988 Mar 21 at 21.36UT and 21.55UT for the UK
Nova/Supernova Patrol. The position is:
RA 02h26.5m DEC +39 50′(1950)
The object was not present on photos of Jan 22 and to date no
variable or asteroid candidate has been found.
Observers with a clear sky tonight are urgently requested to check
the field and report their findings by e-mail using ‘EXPRESS’.
Guy M Hurst