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David C Rayment

Belfast Telegraph Sat Feb 12 1938

“… in the desert limestone east of Gibeon [Namibia] is a whole valley simply peppered with small meteors.  Some 40 or 50 have been dug up and are preserved at Windhoek where they have been made into a rockery in the public park”.

There is also a piece on Wikipedia: “Gibeon (meteorite)”.

There is a sample of the Gibeon meteorite in the meteorite collection of the Natural History Museum(BM): iron, Octahedrite.  Date 1836.  According to Wikipedia Captain J E Alexander collected samples and sent them to London where they were examined by John Herschel.  Perhaps that’s where the NHM sample came from ?  Herschel was a friend of John George Children, the father of Anna Atkins and assistant keeper of the  Natural History Department of the British Museum.