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John Nichol

Here is a list of some of the instruments David worked on at Grubbs……

48-inch reflector, Victoria, Canada, 1961

40-inch reflector, Pic du Midi, France. Optics only 1962

The 40 inch Elizabeth telescope. S. Africa 1963

74-inch reflector, Helwan (Kottamia), Egypt, 1963

30-inch reflector, Jungfraujoch, Switzerland, 1966

16/24-inch Schmidt, Castel gandolfo, 1967

The 98 inch Issac Newton Telescope at Grubb Parsons. 1967

72 inch (182cm) Mirror for Padua, Italy. 1973

48/72-inch Schmidt, Siding Spring, Australia, 1973

154 inch Reflector, Siding Spring, Australia. 1974

48-inch reflector, Athens University, Greece, 1975

150-in mirror, UKIRT, Hawaii, 1976

60 inch Reflector, La Silla, Chile 1976