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William Bristow

Hi Martin.

When you install Anaconda and Python it is important that both programs are installed in a root folder who’s name contains no white space. If you installed both Anaconda and Python in the default ‘user’ folder and that folder is named ‘Martin Smith’, with a space between Martin and Smith, then my experience has been that the Python scripts that HOPS runs will fail to run properly on Windows 10.

If this applies to you, reinstall Anaconda and Python in a dedicated folder at the root of the C: drive and not in the default user directory.

When running a dataset, the enclosing folder should not be write protected and works ok if placed inside the usual ‘My Documents’ location.

While awaiting a response from Roger, carry out a test with a known good data set to determine if the problem is with the source data or with the HOPS installation.

The sample data set I recommend is the WASP-12b series available from here:


Select and download the raw calibration folders and uncalibrated image folder in either .zip or .tar.gz to suit your OS.

The total download size is ~4.6Gb and if experiencing problems keeping the server link active recommend using a download manager.

The raw image data coordinates for the WASP-12b data set are in decimal format, to use this set with HOPS the coordinates to be used are RA: 6  30 43.057 and DEC: +29  40  32.20.

When this particular sample data set is used, to identify and match the target and calibration stars to the SIMBAD view click the ‘Flip FOV’ button in HOPS.

Selected filter to be used is ‘R’.

Lastly, the final fitting stage in HOPS is both CPU and memory intensive and for a large data set it may appear that nothing is happening for quite a while. The Wasp-12b set linked to above takes about five minutes to process on an iMac Pro with 12 core CPU, fast SSD and 64Gb RAM, on my small Windows laptop with an Intel i3 CPU standard HD and 8Gb RAM the same data set takes over forty minutes to process. If you are using similar hardware then allow at least fifteen to thirty minutes before assuming that HOPS has stalled.