Michael O’Connell

Thanks for the replies folks.

@Robin: that solution won’t work I’m afraid as the camera only has 32-bit drivers and needs to be on a 32-bit PC (i.e. installing a 32-bit OS on the 64-bit chip won’t suffice)

To give a bit more detail perhaps:

I use my observatory PC with TheSkyX to control both by Paramount ME and camera.

During the summer months: Paramount ME + TEC140 + DMK Camera (Solar & Lunar Imaging) or SBIG ST8XME usb (Deep Sky Imaging)

Winter months: Change the OTA over to a C14 + Watec910HX/RC (Occultation imaging) or SBIG ST1001E (deep sky).

When not imaging, I also use the same PC for a meteor camera and meteor radio detection with a FunCube Dongle, Spectrum Lab and homemade yagi.

So, the PC needs to reasonably decent with the latest version of TheSkyX as far as I am concerned and so I don’t want to be rolling back to an older slower version.

@Callum – I like your suggestion, thanks. I will explore it. I wonder if there is a way of using the pi (or other means) of becoming a relay for the camera to talk to the PC? i.e. replacing what the SBIG Ethernet2Parallel unit previously did. I really would like to be able to use the camera in TheSkyX for plate solving etc.

Many Thanks,