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Roger Dymock

Good afternoon all,

The amount of support for an Exoplanet Section far exceeds what I expected. It appears that quite a number of BAA members are already making exoplanet observations and others have a wider interest (e.g. Zooniverse projects, Astrobiology, etc) which bodes well for the future of the Section (assuming it gets the ‘Go for launch’).

I do believe that we need a separate section rather than be embedded in the ARPS or VSS but we shall see. If any of you feel like emailing the BAA President (Callum Potter) with your views please do so. 

I will catch up on all the posts/emails in detail in a couple of weeks when we have finished decorating. I would have liked an exoplanet mural on one wall but the proposal was tied on votes and the ‘Chairperson’s’ casting vote ditched the idea.