That’s the way to go…

Forums Spectroscopy Is there a ‘ready made’ Littrow design? That’s the way to go…

Tony Rodda

Thanks, Robin.  Once again.

Paul’s design and manufacture are impressive although I can’t afford his printer >£2,000. 

I might as well buy the real thing at that price!  And unless you want a UVEX why not go the extra mile and do a LHiressIII?

I think the sides/case could be aluminium for strength/rigidity.  Being plate work it’s relatively easy and avoids a big ‘print job’.  That means a smaller printer and associated costs.

Internals are printable which are the difficult bits from an engineering point of view.  It also allows experimentation.

Add a few off-the-shelf bits and perhaps this is eminently doable.  I’ll pursue that plan.

I think a printer (& software) for Christmas is in order.  Need to brush up on the printing methods.

PS.  You’re up in my neck of the woods in a couple of weeks for the Newcastle Astro session.  If you fancy a pint before or after let me know and I’ll show my appreciation in the usual manner!