The Pier

Tony Rodda

Hi Eric, There’s a bit of a tale to it but long story short…

It was fabricated by an ex-mines engineer from Doncaster coal mine.  That’s why it ‘looks substantial’ and that’s why it broke my Jeep’s suspension. 

It takes three men to lift it.  The plates are 15 mm steel that ate three hardened drill bits needed to drill four puck holes.  I’ve got no idea what the pipe is but it looks similar.

The fella’s workshop looked as though it had half the old mine’s metal working gear in it.

That said, he was a very talented guy.  He only wanted £300 for it and I could not, for the life of me, convince him to make more. I think he’s retired.

It dwarfs my CGEM head and, at a guess, could take anything in the amateur domain.  And when I sell it I’ll advertise it as ‘Collection only, bring two mates”.