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David C Rayment

A Theodore Blethin appears in Boyds Inhabitants of London (44802).  Citizen and Fishmonger.  Fishmonger after 1633.  Free 1641. Bookbinder 1641 poll tax.

Further, entry #9 above mentions a Phileman as having a son Theodore who was baptized at Mathern.  According to Alumni Oxonienses a William Blethin BCL (who was Bishop of Llandaff), is buried in the chancel of the church at Matherne Co Monmouth and he is noted as the father of Philemon. Philemon is noted as being of age 19 on 16 March 1601-02 (does not mean he was born on 16 March). William died 15 Oct 1590. This Philemon was last noted as vicar of Dorstone. Hereford in 1619. A note states “see Foster’s Index Ecclesiasticus.