Timing the start of the March superoutburst.

Forums Variable Stars IX Dra: observations requested Timing the start of the March superoutburst.

Stewart John Bean

IX Dra is approaching its March superoutburst. Based upon the current superoutburst period of around 60.5 days ( as described in VSSC 187) March 11 seems to be a likely start date. Yesterday IX Dra was at 17.4 V mag (AAVSOnet New Mexico) having risen from its quiescence low brightness of 18.0. It is possible there will be one more normal outburst and then the superoutburst as the time between outbursts is usually 5-6 days.

IX Dra is really a morning star at present, but is about 40 deg above the horizon at midnight in the UK.

Observations would be welcome over the next two weeks in order to determine the start of the superoutburst within a day.

Thanks in advance

Stewart Bean