TYC 444-2670-1 spectrum

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Forrest Sims

Hi Robin,

Thank you for the RA and DEC coordinates.  When I enter yours into the AAVSO Variable Star Plotter the 12.0 star is dead center.  This is the star I guessed from the Sky Safari coordinates and was able to collect spectrum data on Friday night.

I took 8 300sec exposures.   I used HD183324 as a Reference star from atmospheric and Instrument correction. Looking at the data It would have benefited from longer exposures which I may try next time.  See spectrum in Tim Lesters PlotSpectra.

See attached AAVSO plot.

My friend Bob Buchheim suggested we get out Gray and Corbally “Stellar Spectral Classification” to see if we could try and classify this target.  We concluded that it is likely an early G star.  But given this is a double star then it is hard for us to separate out the K or M component as Paul suspected in the spectrum.  The primary and secondary minima that Paul described are to my thinking very small.  Wondering if this is just sort of a grazing orbit where we are seeing both stars all of the time?