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Bill Ward

Hi Alex,

I’ve tried it with the mobile rig but the problem I found is it stronly depends on the lens/grating/sky conditions.

I’m not quite sure why there are differences between what are osetensibly the same set ups but some of the gratings seem to be a lot more transparent than others (across the 600 g/mm ones.) and varies the reference stars, if any, that can be seen. That’s the problem. However, I never thought to try the 300g/mm which shows more stars. I caught “Q1” on that too. I’m not sure how it will handle the “width” of the spectrum though. Can you manually indicate start and end points? Then I could select a single line.

It interesting you mention the Geminids. Although I only got one spectrum from that shower despite vastly more meteors, it showed the expected result. That is a sodium deficiency however with the results here I think it can be safely concluded that the quadrantids (or a subset thereof) are sodium deficient too. That might be in the professional literature but I’ve never heard of it. Need to check.