Uploaed vs observation times

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Dr Paul Leyland

Sorry to take so long to spot this one but it was prompted by looking at a recent observation by David Strange.

https://britastro.org/observations/observation.php?id=20200911_170000_2e604aed4f94042d is the consequence of migrating my https://britastro.org/node/24192

According to the migrated page, the upload occurred a few minutes before the observation was made! The original records the observation time as 11/09/2020 – 18:00 and does not record the upload time.

According to my paper records,the two images in the animated GIF were taken on 2019-08-30 and 2020-08-13.

Not sure what to do here. I can edit the observation time fields but not the upload time. Given that the images were taken in two separate years and only one date-time field can be entered, perhaps that for the last image in the series should be used but advice is welcome.

Regardless of this particular case, perhaps there may be other examples in the database. A simple SQL query should dig out any if they exist.