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Andrew Robertson

Had another good visual view last night. I reckon it’s dropped by about a magnitude from previous night.
Observed it with my 12″ D-K Mewlon and my large 28 x 110 binoculars. It was just detectable in the 11 x 70 finder. It was distinctly reddish in the 12″ but too small a FOV to make magnitude comparisons. The best overall view was in the 28 x 110 binoculars which I used to make magnitude estimates.
2nd May 2018, 21:30 hrs UT:Now dimmer than SAO 39696 (mag 7.97) but brighter than SAO 39704 (mag 9.3) In a ratio of 4 parts I put it -1 and +3 roughly = mag 8.3. Looked slightly brighter than SAO 39710 (mag 8.77) but midway between SAO 39734 (mag 8.88) and SAO 39742 (mag 8.14) which equates to approx mag 8.5. I would plum for mag 8.5.

Forecast looking good for the weekend so an opportunity to see this plummeting each night, it will soon be fainter than the mag 9.33 star next to it. Great stuff.