Video photometry

Alex Pratt

Dominic – for video meteors I use UFO Capture and Global Meteor Network‘s RMS (Raspberry Pi Meteor Station) software. Both systems employ a video stars-magnitude formula in their camera profile. UFO doesn’t apply any darks or flats, but RMS applies a flat and corrects for vignetting.

Alan – I use OccuRec for video recording asteroidal occultations, video astrometry and (very occasionally) video photometry of variable stars. They are analysed using Tangra. Its  video photometry tab (and the link to Hristo’s article) will be of interest to you. As Robin mentioned, photometry is improved by taking more data; CDD photometrists work with S/N ratios of 100 or more, whereas I need accurate timings of transient events, so I’m usually working with single figure S/N ratios. This example compares video astrometry and photometry with traditional CCD results.