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Robin Leadbeater

Hi Marc,

I had not planned to specifically follow VV Cep but could contribute on an ad hoc basis. Are there any more details of the campaign? Is there any professional involvement? (Phil Bennett was mentioned as PI  in a post on the ARAS forum a couple of years ago


but the link to  page given there and in the document you posted on the astronomical spectroscopy yahoo forum just leads to a blank page under construction and the rest of his pages on VV Cep linked from there are dead)

There also appears to be something odd about the dispersion figure on your graphic. At 0.33A/pixel your maximum resolving power  R would be at best 10000 at H alpha, not 12000 (limited by the Nyquist sample interval)  0.33A/pixel however is much too large a figure in any case for a LHIRES III and 2400l/mm grating with the pixel size of your DSLR unless you are binning.