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Eliot Hall

I have merged Krakow University’s catalog (TIDAK?) with GCVS.  The website uses the TIDAK epoch and period where possible to calculate the eclipse timings.  All bar about 10 stars in the TIDAK catalog are matched to GCVS, however there are almost twice as many eclipsing binaries in the GCVS than in TIDAK.  I have also included GCVS stars with a non-eclipsing type that are listed in TIDAK.  There has been some additional data sanitisation to remove stars with incomplete data.  Hopefully this shouldn’t affect most observers, but please comment here if you are.

I thought it might be useful to add the spectral types, and links to the catalogs where the data was obtained.  I would have liked to added links to VSX as well, but there is no easy way to build the link from the star name.  An obvious omission is a link to SIMBAD, which I will put in a future release.

Briefly scanning the GCVS data file the other variables that look as if they fit this format are Pulsating Variable Stars, although given the long periods knowing the time of the maxima or minima might not be as much use.