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Tony Rodda

No,  I experimented with Thorlabs 4, 7 and 11 degree prisms and settled on the 6.  (I think the PH is 4 degrees?).

The “11” worked best but deviated the beam too much for my SXVH9 camera chip.  A bigger camera would probably work but I couldn’t retask my Atik460.

Anyway, the easiest assembly method is to use standard eyepiece holders/spacers and just screw the four components together!  An optical train of 50mm collimating lens, prism, grating and 80mm camera lens as per Burwitz’s design.  A guider at one end (Paul Gerlach’s works well) and an camera connector at the other such as a T2/1.25″ nosepiece type.  All that’s needed is a printed tube/jacket so that the assembly can be rotated/focused at each end (to align the prism/grating with the slit and the camera).

Having built it I now know what needs putting right (!) and I’m redesigning the optics holders and guider.  I’ll ‘publish’ the stl files in a couple of weeks.