Well done Tony on picking

Nick James

Well done Tony on picking this up.

I was out last night at the opening of of Crayford Astro’s new observatory at Sutton-at-Hone near Dartford, Kent. About 70-80 people were there and many had a good view of the comet in various binoculars and telescopes only a mile or so from the M25.

It was very claggy in Chelmsford before I left but I took the risk of leaving a DSLR and telescope taking images in the garden when I went out. By the time I got back it had clouded over completely so I didn’t get a chance to point my main scope at the comet but the DSLR/Megrez did get some images. This stack just about shows the faint tail and disconnection event.

As always, the latest images submitted to the BAA are here.