What a wealth of info.

Forums Spectroscopy Is there a ‘ready made’ Littrow design? What a wealth of info.

Tony Rodda

Thanks for the info gents. Very useful.

There’s a few good ideas regarding a design so I’m happy that this can be done.  It’s the actual manufacturing that I’ve yet to get to grips with.

I went off on a tangent when a friend of mine suggested 3D printing.

I’m guessing that the actual spectro case should still have to be fabricated out of something very rigid such as metal or, as suggested, ply but the ‘fiddly’ stuff should be eminently ‘printable’.  That means the ‘flat’ plate-work is relatively easy and the 3D printing overcomes machining and lathe work.  

It’s extremely cost effective (even though the machining isn’t actually as expensive as I thought to get done locally).

This must have been suggested or thought of before.  Anyone done this?

Regards (and many thanks for the input).